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Child-Centred Play Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy, Perth

Play Therapy with Evonne offers holistic Assessment, Play Therapy, and Creative Arts Therapy services to school age children (3 - 18 years).

Our Services

Comprehensive Assessment

For children who are experiencing difficulties with attention, behaviour and learning. Assessments are able to identify possible learning and developmental difficulties, as well as areas of strength. Your child's unique learning profile serves as a basis for considering and providing appropriate recommendations within the home and school environment to enhance learning outcomes.

Child-Centred Counselling

Play Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy for children, young people (and their families) - to support emotional, social and behavioural challenges, such as low self-esteem and school avoidance, as well as anxiety, trauma, ADHD, Autism, family separation, and more.

Parenting Consults

Supporting parents and caregivers in understanding the needs of their child. We also provide advocacy support within school systems and beyond

Why is play so important?

  • Play is an important tool in learning, development and wellbeing

  • Play develops a child’s physical and emotional strength and resilience

  • Through play, children build their understanding of the world

Why choose Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a form of counselling for children. Child-Centred Play Therapy is age-appropriate and happens through toys and play, rather than through talking. 


Play Therapy works for children because they can play out thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to put into words. 

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

How Play Therapy Happens

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, which is why we work closely with each child and their family from pre-diagnosis, through assessment and diagnosis, to advocacy and beyond.

What's the first step?

Providing your child with the most appropriate, effective and caring support is our highest priority. Before Play Therapy begins, we will spend time with you, without your child present. This initial appointment can take up to 90 minutes and is a crucial step in understanding the holistic picture of a child’s family, school and social life, so that we can provide highly personalised support. 

How often are sessions and how long do they last?

In Child-Centred Play Therapy, children will usually attend weekly sessions, preferably at the same time each week. This consistency and predictability is part of creating the safe structure of therapy.

How long does Play Therapy take?

This very much depends on the individual needs of the child and their personalised Play Therapy plan. We can discuss this in further detail with you as we understand more. 

Do you involve parents in Play Therapy?

Parent support is part of the process. Please see our Parent Consult Services for more information.

Can you provide advocacy within school settings?

With backgrounds in Social Work and Allied Health, we are experienced in supporting parents and caregivers to advocate for their children within school settings. 

Book an Appointment

Book an initial consultation in person or online to see how we can best support your family 

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